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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Lots to Show This Week

Where does the time go? April is here, the garden is waking up, daffodils nearly finished and the tulips are in full bud waiting to take over the colourful display. New leaves showing on the trees and shrubs - it's a pleasure to see such new growth.
The birds are getting very frisky and and shouting very loudly about it all - I was about 15 minutes late putting their food out this morning, my goodness, what a racket! I thought for a moment that they were indoors they were so noisy!! 
Robin - waiting for breakfast
First of all, I'm waving hello to my new followers, lovely to 'see' you all, thank you for joining me.

My sewing room is coming on - I decided to empty the last cupboard on Friday and move my 2 floss cabinets inside, frames, Q-Snaps and roller bars on the next shelf up, with kits and small storage boxes above that. The large cupboard underneath now has my larger storage boxes, books and files full of patterns all stacked neat and tidy. I have found quite a few kits in the various places, some I don't even remember buying they have been around so long. I rarely do kits now, I prefer charts or patterns from magazines, books or from the designer's web sites and then 'kit' them up myself. But these 'oldies' are really lovely and definitely have to stay.
I found a UFO of a Red Squirrel hidden away and sadly forgotten - it's now been elevated to WIP status and added to my rotation list.

It's a kit designed by Anchor, I'm looking forward to getting back to this cute little guy.

Progress Report
I said last week that I was going to work on my Cottage Garden in Spring - well, I changed my mind and I worked on another WIP, Buddha by Lanarte.
Here it is and where I've got to so far.
I've actually done more than the picture shows, up to the top of his neck, so good progress this week.
This week I'm working on Victorian Christmas Eve by Sandy Littlejohns and Debbie Lester.
I have 2 more pages to stitch on the left side - and it will be ready to frame for this Christmas. It's being stitched on 27 count cream evenweave using Anchor threads and is one of my favourite WIPs. I call it a 'panoramic' as it's so wide - 422w x 114h.

My small project is 'April' by Lesley Teare from the Ultimate Cross Stitch Flowers Book.
Sorry it's so pale. I intend to stitch all the designs for the whole year and make them into small cushions/pillows for display. So I will continue doing this week.

It's been a long post today, thank you if you are still with me!
Do pop by and say hello, I shall go blog hopping now to see all your lovely work.

Take care,
Karen x


  1. Beautiful projects. The red squirrel is too cute. Enjoy your week and hope you find a lot of stitching time.

    1. Hi Katie, I'm afraid the Red Squirrel is been in the cupboard for about 5 years-completely forgotten. I shall make time for him now. Karen x

  2. Beautiful stitching update. The squirrel project looks really fun!

    1. Hello, yes, he's rather sweet, isn't he! Thanks for dropping by. Karen x

  3. Hello Karen.Thank you for visiting my blog.I havee been remiss and did not check my 'comments awaiting approval ' box until just now where I saw your post.
    Your Red Squirrel design is very sweet,I am glad you re found it.Your other projects are lovely too.I love Victorian Christmas Eve.

  4. Great work. Isn't it fun to find old charts you've forgotten about! I wish I had a craft room but I do have a large cupboard instead.


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