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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Welcome to My World!

Welcome to my world of stitching passion.
Make yourself a drink, pull up a chair and join me - stitch along if you wish - it's lovely to have your company!

My name is Karen, I'm married and a 'stay at home stitcher'. Not able to work at the moment, but I usually have such busy days, that I don't miss the daily grind. Anyway, I have to be here to be at my cat Thomas' beck and call - he'll be along in a moment so introductions later. 

Why set up a blog? Well, stitching can be quite an isolating hobby, no-one in my family stitches any more, and there are no stitchy groups around me; I'm not on facebook/twitter and although I love watching Flosstube, I couldn't make video if you paid me! 
So, I thought I could share my hobby, make new friends and enjoy seeing all the wonderful pieces of work you do in this way.
I have stitched since I was very young, with a few breaks to try other crafts, like patchwork, knitting and sewing, but cross stitch is my favourite , and I stitch almost every day. It goes on holiday with me, keeps my mind off troubles when waiting for appointments, on bus and train journeys, keeps me company when I can't sleep and soothes my mind when it refuses to switch off or calm down - better than therapy or pills!

I've never been a 'one at a time' stitcher - I usually have about 10 WIPs on the go, and there are a few UFOs lurking in cupboards, patiently waiting their time to be loved again. I'll chat about my projects as we get to know each other; I have a rotation plan of WIPs, so they will all get to be in the limelight

This week's rotation is Spring Goddess by Joan Elliott,
 Here she is today ....

and Siberian Lynx by DMC,
 Sorry, not too clear. But here is where I have got to .....
 Half of the Lynx was done by my Mother, but she is not able to see the tiny stitches so well now, so I'm going to finish it for her.
I do 2 main pieces in a week, plus I always have a small project on the go as well. I'll put a photo on next week.

Well, I hope you've had an interesting meet and greet session with me, please come along and say hello here, would love to 'meet' you. 
Thomas has arrived to say Hi and How do you do?...
 See you soon, take care,
Karen  x


  1. Hi Karen, finally got round to visiting you! I love your Joan Elliott piece. I stitched Green Goddess a couple of years back. I am a big JE fan myself.
    I've also done a 50/50 project with my Mum. It was tricky because she does her x the opposite way to me!

    1. Hi Jo, thanks for writing. Green goddess is on the list along all the others! Need more stitchy time! Kx

  2. Hi Karen, lovely to 'meet' you! I have been blogging - off and on - for 7 years now. Yikes! I would LOVE to stitch Earth Goddess by JE. I once purchased it for someone as part of an exchange, but now I wish I'd kept it for myself! I look forward to seeing more of your finishes. Christina 😊 x

    1. Hi Christina, great to 'meet' you too. I'm great fan of JE, I have a long list of her patterns on my wish list, just need more time in my days! Karen x

  3. Hello Karen and Welcome to the blog world. I love blogging and can't imagine life without it anymore. I look forward to getting to know you more. You have beautiful projects going.

    1. Hi Katie, thank you for you lovely comment. Karen x


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