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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Getting back to my stitching at last!

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted, sorry. Bit of a tale to tell, but first - and most importantly .....
I send my thoughts out to all those caught up in the terrible events in Manchester on Monday. To those who lost their lives, those injured and all their families, we can't imagine the devastation these people are going through, we can only hold them close in our hearts with love. Also sending gratitude to all the emergency services who attended with such professionalism and care, proud of you all.

So, what's been going on here at CSP?? Not sure if it was a virus, but I was very poorly for about 10 days and ended up in hospital as an emergency with my diabetes completely out of control. Stayed in for 6 days, getting great care from all the staff, and have been slowly getting back in control again for the past 2 weeks. Not pleasant, but feeling lots better now.

Little stitching has been done until this week when my mojo has returned from its vacation and I can work on some projects for more than just a few stitches at a time. My eyesight has improved so there is less frogging going on too, doing 6 stitches and unpicking at least 4 of them is so frustrating!

Anyhoo .... normal service has been resumed.
Not got a lot to show really, managed to finish a couple of small things......

April cushion front

and back

I had seen this design on Zindagi Designs on Etsy and knew I had to do it asap. Bought, kitted up, stitched and FFO'd just before I was ill and my OH put it on the bedroom wall whilst I was in hospital. Lovely surprise when I got home. It's based on a quote from Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne.

I look at that each morning - great message to start the day.

I have also done a couple of Christmas smalls, but forgot to take pictures before blogging so I will show those next time.
Of course, my rotation plans have taken a back seat, so I will try to get back to being more organised very soon - I'm just going with the flow at the moment and just stitching what I fancy.
Oohh! Must tell you! After a very long time just thinking about a HAED, I've succumbed and bought a pattern. Just need to get the 'ol' blue eyes' totally back to normal as it's a
1 over 1 design. I shall reveal all next time!

I shall go and catch up on your news now - nice to be back!
Take care of yourselves.
Karen x

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Lots to Show This Week

Where does the time go? April is here, the garden is waking up, daffodils nearly finished and the tulips are in full bud waiting to take over the colourful display. New leaves showing on the trees and shrubs - it's a pleasure to see such new growth.
The birds are getting very frisky and and shouting very loudly about it all - I was about 15 minutes late putting their food out this morning, my goodness, what a racket! I thought for a moment that they were indoors they were so noisy!! 
Robin - waiting for breakfast
First of all, I'm waving hello to my new followers, lovely to 'see' you all, thank you for joining me.

My sewing room is coming on - I decided to empty the last cupboard on Friday and move my 2 floss cabinets inside, frames, Q-Snaps and roller bars on the next shelf up, with kits and small storage boxes above that. The large cupboard underneath now has my larger storage boxes, books and files full of patterns all stacked neat and tidy. I have found quite a few kits in the various places, some I don't even remember buying they have been around so long. I rarely do kits now, I prefer charts or patterns from magazines, books or from the designer's web sites and then 'kit' them up myself. But these 'oldies' are really lovely and definitely have to stay.
I found a UFO of a Red Squirrel hidden away and sadly forgotten - it's now been elevated to WIP status and added to my rotation list.

It's a kit designed by Anchor, I'm looking forward to getting back to this cute little guy.

Progress Report
I said last week that I was going to work on my Cottage Garden in Spring - well, I changed my mind and I worked on another WIP, Buddha by Lanarte.
Here it is and where I've got to so far.
I've actually done more than the picture shows, up to the top of his neck, so good progress this week.
This week I'm working on Victorian Christmas Eve by Sandy Littlejohns and Debbie Lester.
I have 2 more pages to stitch on the left side - and it will be ready to frame for this Christmas. It's being stitched on 27 count cream evenweave using Anchor threads and is one of my favourite WIPs. I call it a 'panoramic' as it's so wide - 422w x 114h.

My small project is 'April' by Lesley Teare from the Ultimate Cross Stitch Flowers Book.
Sorry it's so pale. I intend to stitch all the designs for the whole year and make them into small cushions/pillows for display. So I will continue doing this week.

It's been a long post today, thank you if you are still with me!
Do pop by and say hello, I shall go blog hopping now to see all your lovely work.

Take care,
Karen x

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Night Time Blogging!

It's 3am. I can't sleep as my head is full of ideas and thoughts which totally refuse to quieten down or go into the next room and amuse themselves in there! So, I decided to get up and do a post which may or may not make sense as I'm tired.

First of all, being serious for a moment, a few words about what has happened in London this week. I don't want to make any political/religious comments about it, but just to express my true sadness for all those caught up in the tragedy, for those suffering injuries, and for the families and friends of those who have lost their lives. My thoughts are with all of you, coupled with great thanks to those who helped and cared for the people in such need. A sad day indeed.

What has been happening in my stitchy corner of the world?
I  have been able to move my chair and standframe into a small room quaintly called a 'study' (a throw back to my Open University days where I immersed myself in my coursework). It needs decorating and re-planning, but I know it will fit in OK, and I will be able to escape into there for some peaceful stitching. Even bought the new curtains this week! Many, many books were taken down to our local Hospice bookshop to make room - hopefully they will make some money from them too.
Downside? Thomas likes the new arrangement too and often races me to the chair - and I don't always win 😕

Purchases - a piece of Christmas red and another of Christmas green 14 count Aida fabric, ready for decorations, and a couple more pairs of snips - where do they go to when I'm not looking?

Progress Report
This week's rotation piece was Homeward Bound by Celtic Rose Needlework. There are 6 pages of the pattern and a huge amount of confetti stitching, but my Mother fell in love with it as she has a black cat, so it now has a place in my WIP collection.
Here is the full design and where I have got to so far. 1 full pattern page done!

The other pattern worked on this week was Golden Buddha by Joan Elliott.
Taken from one of my old magazines, here is the full design and progress so far.
I also stitch squares for LoveQuilts UK, I have put a link here so that you can visit them and see what it's all about. Lovequiltsuk
It's great to be able to be involved with this charity by doing what I love to do as a hobby.
I have finished a couple of squares, ready to be posted tomorrow (Today!)

 So, reasonable progress this week, going to be doing another Celtic Rose Needlework pattern 'Cottage Garden in Spring' next week (more confetti!!) and will choose a small piece out of my long list of Christmas Ornaments.

Thank you for reading, I shall wander back to bed and try to get some sleep.

Good Night zzzzzzzzzzzz

Take care,
Karen x

Welcome to My World!

Welcome to my world of stitching passion.
Make yourself a drink, pull up a chair and join me - stitch along if you wish - it's lovely to have your company!

My name is Karen, I'm married and a 'stay at home stitcher'. Not able to work at the moment, but I usually have such busy days, that I don't miss the daily grind. Anyway, I have to be here to be at my cat Thomas' beck and call - he'll be along in a moment so introductions later. 

Why set up a blog? Well, stitching can be quite an isolating hobby, no-one in my family stitches any more, and there are no stitchy groups around me; I'm not on facebook/twitter and although I love watching Flosstube, I couldn't make video if you paid me! 
So, I thought I could share my hobby, make new friends and enjoy seeing all the wonderful pieces of work you do in this way.
I have stitched since I was very young, with a few breaks to try other crafts, like patchwork, knitting and sewing, but cross stitch is my favourite , and I stitch almost every day. It goes on holiday with me, keeps my mind off troubles when waiting for appointments, on bus and train journeys, keeps me company when I can't sleep and soothes my mind when it refuses to switch off or calm down - better than therapy or pills!

I've never been a 'one at a time' stitcher - I usually have about 10 WIPs on the go, and there are a few UFOs lurking in cupboards, patiently waiting their time to be loved again. I'll chat about my projects as we get to know each other; I have a rotation plan of WIPs, so they will all get to be in the limelight

This week's rotation is Spring Goddess by Joan Elliott,
 Here she is today ....

and Siberian Lynx by DMC,
 Sorry, not too clear. But here is where I have got to .....
 Half of the Lynx was done by my Mother, but she is not able to see the tiny stitches so well now, so I'm going to finish it for her.
I do 2 main pieces in a week, plus I always have a small project on the go as well. I'll put a photo on next week.

Well, I hope you've had an interesting meet and greet session with me, please come along and say hello here, would love to 'meet' you. 
Thomas has arrived to say Hi and How do you do?...
 See you soon, take care,
Karen  x